Only In Saruno's World

The guys I like don't exist and I have never found anyone real like them even though they're all kind of like a same "type" of person (sweet tall brunette boys that wear a lot of green apparently make my heart melt) from Anonymous

The world is full of all kinds of people. I’m sure you’ll find your perfect match! C: just be patient

The girl i'm falling for is moving away to boston in a few months. what to do? i;m at a crossroads. crowley save me from Anonymous

Maybe you should tell you how you feel? Or at least stay in touch till you feel comfortable. Don’t be too down hearted c: you guys can alway visit each other?

My crush would tell you that he's not a good person, but I'd have to disagree. He makes my heart soar and brightens up my day. In the end i just want the best for him, even if what's best for him doesn't include me. from Anonymous

oooo so sweet~

this dude needs to know how great of a person you are! >w< 

He's a giant dork. He loves the Beatles and is obsessed with band and video games on his phone. Also he acts pretty awkward around others but when he feels comfortable he turns into a giant goofball. I really want to ask him out but I can't because my friend told me she liked him but she doesn't know I like him too. Also I'm not one hundred percent sure he likes me back so I'm kinda just stuck here. I think he's adorkable though and I really like him. from Anonymous

baww :3

I always say do whatever floats your boat uwu just be honest and don’t rush yourself!