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Temperance and The High Priestess from maeofclubs

Temperance: Your ideal day - Go on a hike, have some tea time, nap, talk with some friends, nap, snack time, doodle, nap, go star gazing, midnight hike, and sleep. =v= lots of naps basically.

The High Priestess: One thing you wish you knew. - Spanish

Question danny is so cute i cant stand him. How did you get that cutie ovo ?? from eggnoghoggeralex

I got him at a convention =v= Fun fact: when I got Danny, he had two holes on his face (i’m too dumb to notice) before I bought him, I guess. And I found a paper clip nearby so I just stuck it through the holes and it fit haha.

dan vs. yes. my dreams have been fufilled. from Anonymous

haha they’ll be more I’ll promise you that C:

aaaa, man you have been my senpai for such a long time, and it's just so cool see you like basically everything I like too after following you for so long! your art is so great and I look up to you a lot! Have a nice day! U v U from Anonymous

m-me a senpai??? ;w; thank you for being such a wonderful anon you

aahhh omg i found your blog like a month ago!! and i followed it on my old account, but i recently moved blogs so i've been dying to find you again (but i followed like 1000+), so i'm so glad i found you again!!!! thank you for your lovely art, i look forward to seeing more! from piikuchii

Oh geez wow ahhhhhhhh you found me adfkasdjfasdf gahhhhhhhhh thankyou asdfasd